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Addiction Help Grant Received for Utah High School Athletes

“We know alcohol and drug abuse is high nationwide, Utah’s numbers are high and Granite District matches both of those numbers” says Martin Bates, interim assistant superintendent of Granite School District’s program services. Granite just received a $1.2 million grant to educate athletes about drug abuse, and to test them. Those who test positive for drugs will be disciplined, but those who are open about their problem will get the addiction help services they need.

The need to succeed in sports is driven by a variety of factors; one of the roads to apparent success is the use of prescription drugs. The prescription drugs used to enhance performance may include painkillers, stimulants and, of course, steroids.

Prescription painkillers and stimulants are used recreationally by students and athletes as well. These same people may be binge drinking for fun or using a variety of other drugs such as meth or MDMA.

No matter what drug is being used, including alcohol, it’s about time for parents to demand drug free sports so their children aren’t faced with addiction treatment issues as they grow older.

Coaches and athletic directors should be responsible for their programs and if the programs aren’t drug and alcohol free, perhaps they should get fired for not adhering to strict drug free disciplines.

The noise from the major league baseball investigation should be a wake up call to the high school coaches in Utah and the rest of America; Winning at any cost is not acceptable.

Drug free programs should be demanded by parents or more addiction help will be needed.

If student athletes are playing through pain with the use of painkillers or gaining any advantage with the use of prescription stimulants, with or without a prescription, aren’t you really putting their lives at risk? Shouldn’t team members be taught that winning under these conditions is unacceptable?

Addiction Help Services can help you with any dependency problems that you or a family member may have. Demand drug free sports in America, and take away the trophies of those who try to gain an edge or turn a blind eye to alcohol or drug abuse.

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