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Addiction Help Gets You Drug Free, Not Hooked on Methadone or Xanax

When you are addicted to something like OxyContin the easiest path to take if you want to get off it is to switch to methadone or some other replacement drug. The hardest path is to get the addiction help you need to be drug free. You can, of course, go to a rehab facility where they’ll give you methadone for heroin or OxyContin and, more than likely, you’ll also get Xanax or Valium along with it. But is it really better than getting addiction help?

Taking these drugs is a relief to the drug companies that make them – they profit every time you go to the methadone clinic and every time you take a Xanax. Drug companies spend a lot of money trying to convince people that life is better on drugs.

But before you make a decision like that, there are few things you should know:

First, Xanax is one of the most addictive drugs around, and also extremely hard to stop.

Second, once you start on methadone it is very hard to stop – much worse than the heroin withdrawal you may have gone through or are so reluctant to go through.

In fact, even using methadone as a painkiller, which is becoming very common, is dangerous. Nancy Garvin of Mothers Against Medical.Org points out that methadone is the number one killer of all the prescription narcotics in the U.S. Thousands of people die from it every year – and you don’t have to abuse it for it to kill you.

Get the addiction help services you need – it may be harder than settling for a replacement drug but it doesn’t fill anyone’s pockets, and it definitely won’t kill you.

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  1. zenith says:

    How utterly preposterous! I have yet to hear of a methadone clinic that hands out XANAX to it’s patients! Most clinics prohibit patients from taking even prescribed benzodiazepines, or severely restrict those who do.

    Also, most people who are trying to get off heroin and other opiates and who end up at a clinic have already tried abstinence based treatment time after time after time. In fact, many clinics and states make it a rule that patients show thay have been through such treatments and failed to get into a clinic. Abstinence based treatment has an abysmal failure rate, and 12 step groups have an even lower one. Yet, these centers don’t seem to mind taking the thousands and thousands of dollars their hopeful patients and family members pay them again and again, for treatment, and then for “relapse treatment”. You can have all kinds of group therapy, meetings, prayer, sin lists, etc but if there is something BROKEN in your brain chemistry, on a permanent basis, this is NOT going to heal it. No other serious mental or physical illness is treated with such ineffective and inappropriate means. MMT and bupe are evidence based treatments, with a long track record of success for MMT and promising scientific results for bupe.

    And I disagree that your “addiction help services” definitely won’t kill you. I have known many people who died after being sent back through the spin drug rehabs over and over again after it was obvious to anyone with a brain in their skull that it was NOT WORKING, and who should have been referred to MAT long before this, but greedy and/or misled rehab workers urged that that “this time” it would work and told them “don’t leave 5 minutes before the miracle happens!” Too bad some of them had to DIE 5 minutes before the promised miracle.

    Some people do well in abstinence based treatment and it has its place–but others need more intensive therapies. WHY does it have to be “mine is better than yours” and “this is the only TRUE recovery”–what the heck does it matter how recovery is found, as long as the person is healthy, happy, law abiding, productive, and taking care of their business? THAT is recovery–not whether or not someone takes a medication designed to assist them.

  2. Methadone is referred to as “replacement” or “substitution” therapy because it replaces the natural endorphins no longer being manufactured by the brain. It reduces the craving for opiates and blocks any type of “high”.
    The truth is that methadone maintenance treatment has had clear benefits in reducing opiate abuse and its medical and psychosocial complications, it is medically safe to use on a long-term basis, and may have broad benefits for the disrupted biology that is associated with opiate abuse. Studies of untreated narcotic users show an annual mortality between 1.5% and 7%. Studies found that patients on methadone maintenance had mortality rates close to that of the non-drug using population. Do not buy the fake science, pumped up statistics and misleading rhetoric of the anti-methadone groups. Stricter laws will only make treatment less accessible, and more lives will be lost.

  3. Enylear says:

    Methadone is not a REPLACEMENT drug. It is a very therapeutic method of treatment for opiod addiction of any sort. It saves lives. Is insulin a REPLACEMENT drug for diabetics is they have been taking pills for their diabetes? NO, and neither is methadone. Drug addiction, just like diabetes is proven to be a chronic, incurable progressive disease. We dont tell diabetics not to take their insulin do we? Well dont tell us not to take our methadone. All you hear about is the people who take it illegally and mix it with many other drugs and then die as a result. Well, ANYONE WHO TAKES A SUBSTANCE NOT MEANT FOR THEM TAKES THAT CHANCE. Addiction help does include methadone, not just an inpatient or outpatient facility where youre supposed “talk” through your addiction. Not all addictions are rooted in some sort of psychological trauma. It is a proven fact that some are predisposed to addiction and it is more of a chemical problem than a mental health issue. It is also proven that some people dont produce endorphins, which is what makes some addicts look for the high from opiods. Methadone gives those endorphins back, which takes the urge to use illicits away.

  4. “methadone is the number one killer of all the prescription narcotics in the U.S. Thousands of people die from it every year – and you don’t have to abuse it for it to kill you.”

    It seems anymore that some of these anti-methadone organizations can say whatever they want…whether it’s the truth or not. Methadone is NOT the “#1 killer of all RX narcotics in the US”….that is baloney. And yes…one DOES have to pretty much abuse it to have it kill you. I am also the founder of an organization, and as such I hear from thousands of very grateful methadone patients…who thanks to this medication are now living very productive and “normal” lives. Not just living…but THRIVING. So I see DAILY the impact this medication has. Quite simply, Methadone SAVES lives. After years of using opiates some people no longer have their natural endorphins to fall back on, myself included. Because of Methadone Treatment, I am the proud mother of a beautiful daughter……my biggest and bestest accomplishment! Doesn’t sound like much, but it took me 40 years to do it…and believe me, I wanted a child since I was one myself! Before MMT, I couldn’t even imagine myself changing a diaper…let alone the responsibility of raising a child.

    Don’t just listen to me….There is a petition online….to try and stop the hysteria and further restrictions of Methadone. ( ) Please, open your mind……take a look at the petition and read the “comments” next to each of the signatures. They tell the TRUE stories of the people that have signed….and how this medication has SAVED their lives.

    I was touched by a child who signed, “Shawn R”…and told about his experience growing up with a heroin addicted mother…and how he watched methadone treatment change her life and ALL of their lives. This child said it better than I could ever say it….and I hear his story countless times…from grateful family members and loved one’s. How can one argue with that?? I am SORRY for the loss of anyone that has had someone die from a methadone related cause. We are ALL sorry, but punishing all of the people who’s lives have been SAVED accomplishes NOTHING. METHADONE SAVES LIVES!

    In closing…if you need help/support/info on methadone, please come and visit our website and forums!….Carol

  5. wendy wassall says:

    I am an opiate addict. I take methadone because it is the only drug to help with the symtoms of the disease that I suffer from. The disease of opiate addiction.
    There is no cure for this disease and methadone is the only medicine that can help stop the symptoms and let me live a normal productive life.
    Will power can not help with this disease. Addiction services cannot help with this disease. Rehabs have been proven to fail 98% of the time.
    This is a serious and often time deadly disease. I am so thankful that there is a medication to help..I would never tell a cancer patient to quit taking their medicine and go to a cancer service.
    A disease is a disease and needs to be treated with medication. Nancy Gavin says that we are brainwashed and should not compare our need for medication to a diabetics need for insullin. There is no difference. We both have a disease that could kill us without our medication.
    Metadone is a strong drug that should only be used by an opiate tolerant person. If a person suffers from severe pain and the doctor prescibes methadone please make sure that he starts you out on a very small dose. ONE PILL WILL NOT KILL.
    I wish that people who drug seek would stay away from methadone it will not get you high. In almost every case where someone od’d they mixed it with other drugs but they don’t tell you about that. They allways point the finger at methadone. Methadone is the only drug that can keep me well. Please I understand how hard it is to loose someone but methadone was not to blame. Poor judgement and taking someone elses medicine which by the way is still against the law, that’s where the blame should go.

  6. Valjean says:

    It’s funny how the article makes the oft-repeated false claim that methadone is the number #1 Rx killer in the US, but not only that, the reference is from a quote by another methadone hysteria broker. Nah, that’s not circular, lol.

    Methadone clinics do not Rx benzos like xanax, so it really has nothing to do with the methadone treatment modality.

    Some people abuse benzos, and some people take them for what they are supposed to be taken for, but you don’t just automatically get benzos with your methadone. In fact, the clinics do everything in their power to keep people from even having legitimate benzo Rx’s. Things like sending letters to your doctor explaining why it should not be given to a methadone patient, not giving any take-homes (which is a vital part of starting your life over), and they are very strict about making patients log their scripts, and my clinic counts them.

    This hysteria is getting ridiculous. MMT has saved more lives than it has contributed to the end of, by a factor of thousands, and thousands of people have been able to stay alive and free because of it.

    RE:More false info: Methadone withdrawal is not a more intense withdrawal than heroin, it is just longer. The actual acute symptoms are much milder, it just takes longer to get it all out because of methadone’s longer half-life. Which, incidentally, is the reason it is both so good for use in opiate addiction recovery, and the reason for all of the misunderstanding and myths about what it does. It doesn’t get one high. It just doesn’t. Sorry that doesn’t fit into some of your world views.

    It clearly can contribute or cause overdoses in people who do not take it correctly, or who are not getting good treatment because of all the regulation, many doctors are reluctant to get involved with it. The current state of over regulation in the MMT field is the cause of many more deaths than accidental overdoses, which more often than not involve other drugs, not just methadone.

  7. kei says:

    Well I can only speak from my experience and what I have saw!!!! Methadone has helped a lot of people that have endorphine deffecency get their lives back to normal.
    The deaths I no of from mehtadone was mixed with other drugs and methadone got the blame!!!!

  8. Kelley Eubanks says:

    Why is it that this mothers against methadone always seem to come up with false percentages and proceed to lie about methadone? If I were on such a crusade, I would most certainly have my facts straight before speaking about them. This just shows how desperate they are and how badly they want to further their cause. Methadone has saved way more lives than it will ever get credit for. All drugs have the potential to kill a person. People need to educate themselves on any drug prescribed to them, so they know exactly what the side effects are. This way, they can form an opinion based on medical fact, not just something they’ve heard.

  9. These Mothers Against Everything crusades are all the same – exagerrated claims, inflated statistics, high drama and appeals to people’s emotions with total disregard for common sense. It’s the same old crap – and the results are the same – we can make everything illegal and put everyone in prison and they’ll still never get their loved ones back from the dead. They refuse to put the responsibility for these deaths squarley where they belong – on the kids and their parents – not the Doctors, their patients or the Methadone Maintenance Clinics. Unfortunately there will never be a shortage of politicians to take advantage of these people and exploit their misplaced grief and use it for their own gain – they’ll use fear and misinformation to get laws passed to win favor and get elected – and who loses in the end? We do!! The American people do! Deaths sky rocket, prison populations grow, and we become a government that locks up her own citizens for victimless crimes, while they take away our basic rights under the guise of safety.

    What makes sense is more programs that advocate harm reduction, more treatment facilities and less prisons, get people help not jail and legal red tape – it’s ridiculous.

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