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Addiction Help For Young Girls in St. Joseph, Missouri

St. Joseph’s Hospital’s recent shocking ER visit by nine girls aged 14 years old or younger after having downed a dangerous painkiller should be a wake up call for parents in St. Joseph, Missouri. Some people might see this as just another 10 (including the boy who gave it to them) kids taking drugs. It might not seem important in the overall scheme things, but this is not just an isolated incident – it’s a trend. More and more kids that age have access to those drugs – and they’re giving them to their friends, and some of those friends are ending up in need of addiction help services, or in the ER, or in the morgue..

The drug the kids took was methadone – very similar to heroin, just as addictive, and just as hard to stop. In fact, one in four people who try heroin end up addicted  That means that, crying in the hospital or not, two of those girls may have liked the drug enough to try it again.

The boy who was passing it out may like the drug, or maybe he was hoping to get one or more of the girls stoned enough to have either a pleasant experience together or possibly something more, like sex.

The girls are young so, hopefully, sex was not his primary goal. Perhaps he thought it would be funny to see these girls stumbling around. Maybe he didn’t know he was passing out methadone. Who knows? There are a lot of unanswered questions about this story.

Nevertheless, six percent of 12 and 13-year-olds have misused drugs. These drugs are far more dangerous than they used to be, and easier to get. If you or someone in your family need addiction help, it’s never too soon to get it.

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