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Addiction Help for Steroids in Boston Police Department?

Several years ago a very smart guy I knew told me to always be polite to a police officer, especially if he has a thick neck and big shoulders, because he is probably on steroids and almost anything will set him off. I guess what he said was true because now Edward F. Davis, Boston’s police commissioner, wants to implement regular steroid testing for the entire Boston police force.  Will any wind up needing addiction help?

In 1989, the news show Sixty Minutes did a story about steroid abuse among police officers. In 1991, the FBI reported on steroid abuse among police in that year’s FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. And now, in 2008, we’re finally looking at testing. Guess the situation hasn’t improved.

Although we would like to think otherwise, there is really no reason to believe that the percentage of police needing addiction help for drugs is any lower than the rest of the population. In fact, given the pressure a policeman is under in a major city, there’s a good chance the percentage is even higher. Dealing with gangs, crime, drug dealers, murders and everything else police have to contend with may well make a policeman feel the need to beef up – it would be nice to know that you’re stronger than the people you’re arresting or having to deal with..

It’s obvious that there is enough steroid abuse to worry about and testing might be just the thing to slow it down. If you are married to or know of someone in the police force who is abusing steroids, get them the addiction help services they need. Steroids can be pretty dangerous. Check it out.

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