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Addiction Help for Skyrocketing Use of Bath Salts and Synthetic Marijuana

I hope you’ve heard about the designer drug called bath salts. A recent news article featured a doctor who’s the head of the emergency department of a New York hospital. He has recently seen several patients with hallucinogenic highs that last for days. According to the doc, the patients are so far out there they don’t even realize they’re on planet earth. Some are also violent enough to need to be put in restraints. If you suspect anyone you know is using bath salts, or taking other drugs – which means there’s a better chance they’ll also take bath salts if given the chance – you should get them some addiction help immediately.

If you think there’s a possibility your son or daughter may be involved in drugs and want to find out if there are bath salts in the house, you should know that they look like any other bottle of bath salts. Of course, they’re not sold in your local pharmacy or grocery store; they’re sold in headshops – stores that generally sell drug paraphernalia – or online.

Another drug that’s creating a big problem is synthetic marijuana.

Taking either of these drugs causes hallucinations, paranoia, rapid heart beat, high blood pressure, violence, kidney failure, and even death – according

Poison control centers says the calls they’re getting from people in trouble with these drugs are skyrocketing.

Parents need to listen to the news, check online, and generally learn as much as possible about these drugs so they can educate their children and, if their children do get involved in them, know what’s going on so they can get into drug rehab as soon as possible.

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