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Addiction Help for Prescription Drugs Could Slow Heroin Addiction Trend

The District Attorney and police are somewhat alarmed by the increased in heroin trafficking in Vermont, but say prescription drug addiction and cocaine are still their biggest problems. What they may not realize is that if they don’t get prescription drug addicts the addiction help they need, their heroin problem is likely to continue.

Why? Because people with a prescription drug addiction problem – specifically addiction to OxyContin and other opiate painkillers – eventually have trouble getting the drugs. They no longer have or can get a prescription without resorting to going from one doctor to another pretending they’re in pain, holding up pharmacy employees or finding drug dealers who sell OxyContin on the street for exhorbitant amounts.

So, they turn to heroin. It’s more readily available and it’s cheaper. And it’s the same drug. OxyContin is legal heroin.

So, while they may not know why, they’re doing the right thing by focusing on prescription drug addiction. Especially if they’re doing something to get prescription drug addicts the addiction help services they need.

If you or someone you care about is having a problem with prescription drug addiction, make sure you take responsibility for getting them those addiction help services. Don’t wait for the law to solve the problem.

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