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Addiction Help for Prescription Drug Abuse is Needed in Merrill, Wisconsin

Merrill High School in Lincoln County, Wisconsin has a prescription drug abuse problem. Last Monday, the Merrill school board expelled six students for prescription drug-related charges. That could mean possession, selling them, and/or passing them out to their friends. Most likely the six students were high. You can be sure that two or three of those kids will end up needing addiction help at some point in the future.

The City of Merrill has a population of about 10,000 people and Merrill High School has about 1,100 students. This wasn’t the first such incident for that school: Earlier in the year 10 other students were expelled for prescription drug abuse – sixteen students out of 1,100 suspended for prescription drug abuse in the first three and half months of the year doesn’t sound like much but that’s actually the highest number of students expelled that I’ve seen recently. For such a small community it shows the problems prescription drugs are causing and the need for addiction help.

Wisconsin already has an alcohol problem among high school and college students, and adults. The school district superintendent, Sally Sarnstrom, says “It’s extremely frustrating not only for the students and their families but for the school district and the community. There are issues.” This is another example of how far the prescription drug epidemic has spread. Addiction help services are needed in even a small city like Merrill, Wisconsin.

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