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Addiction Help for Older Americans

Pledging to help “the millions of elderly Americans who can’t get through the day without popping pills or shooting up insulin,” President Bush announced his committment  to wiping out prescription-drug use among seniors around 2001. Last year 184,000 people went for addiction help for things like OxyContin, Vicodin, and Xanax.  Roughly 10% of them were over the age of 50. I don’t think the millions of Americans President Bush was talking about received any addiction help at all.

In 2001 there were an estimated 1.7 million elderly who needed addiction help according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. They are saying 4.4 million will need addiction help by 2010. While I don’t have any sophisticated systems to tell me the right number, I would bet there are four million people over the age of 50 who need addiction help now. They are on painkillers, sleeping pills and tranquilizers.

You could reread the first sentence of this blog: Bush said there were millions in 2001. The growth rate for prescription drug addiction and abuse is rising dramatically according to most reports. My guess is that 4.4 million in need of addiction help in 2020 will be low.

Get  addiction help services if you are on prescription drugs that you no longer need.

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