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Addiction Help for Mormons Not Likely If They Won't Talk About It

Even though Florida is called the pill capital of the U.S., there are other States in just as much trouble. Utah is one of them, and that’s the subject of Ron Williams’ movie, Happy Valley. Williams is now travelling around Utah in the hopes of educating people about  prescription drug addiction so they will get the addiction help they need.

According to Williams, one of the major problems with prescription drug addiction is that people are reluctant to admit they have a problem and they just won’t talk about it. Unless you’re willing to do that, it’s just about impossible to get help.

I haven’t seen Happy Valley, but I would imagine that the high Mormon population, and Mormon’s teaching about drugs is linked to people not wanting to talk about it. Legal or illegal, taking unnecessary drugs is in in direct conflict with Mormon spiritual beliefs. However, as with any addict, getting addiction help services has to start with admitting to yourself, and others, that there’s a problem. Hopefully, the work Williams is doing will open people up so they can get help.

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