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Addiction Help for Mom Could Have Prevented Baby's Death

There was a local news item last week about a woman who was using meth while breast-feeding her baby. The baby died due to methamphetamine toxicity. She had another child as well – a 19-month old baby. After authorities tested the baby for meth and found the baby tested positive, the child was taken from the mother. This is a classic example of why someone who is pregnant, or even could become pregnant, should get addiction help asap.

Methamphetamine isn’t the only thing that is passed onto a baby from mom’s body. In fact, studies have been done on umbilical cord blood – these were newborns, the baby hasn’t even had a chance to get any mother’s milk – and found nearly 300 chemicals in the cord blood.

All of those chemicals were absorbed from mom’s body. And some of them are very dangerous. They can cause all kinds of problems – everything from neurological disorders to early puberty (some girls are growing breasts and pubic hair by the time they’re 9 years old), boys growing smaller sexual organs, and so on.

Some chemicals can also cause autism and so-called learning disorders.

Of course, when it comes to drugs you are also risking having an infant with full-blown drug addiction. Getting off drugs is hard for anyone: imagine what it’s like for a baby who has no understanding of what’s going on. Horrible.

A mother’s body is a baby’s first home. If you want a healthy baby, and a healthy child as they grow up, mom’s body has to be as clean as possible. Free of chemicals and free of drugs.

If this mother is convicted, she will spend nine years in prison. I would think that knowing you killed your baby, and poisoned your other child and had that child also taken from you, would be very hard to live with. Especially when she finally gets off drugs and is in a position where she can see what she’s done with a clear head.

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