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Addiction Help for Frog Venom? This Is One Frog That Won't Turn Into a Prince

A person ingesting poisons to get high is not a big surprise, using all sorts of natural or chemical based substances has been going on for decades. However, finding a frog that comes from the Colorado River, bringing it home, and using it to get high does sound unique. It also got David S. Theisss, 21, from Kansas City, arrested. I don’t know what other drugs David has been taking, but if it’s come down to ‘toad smoking’, chances are he could use some addiction help.
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Lucky for David, he may not have had to leave Kansas to purchase his little amphibian, but I hope he has read enough about this creature to know it could cause paralysis or death!

It is probably unlikely that you will find your kids buying frogs on line but if they do it’s probably best to get the origins checked out.

It’s hard to know what is the humane thing to do with the frog if it does end up as a family pet:you can’t really release it into the wild unless you live near its natural habitat – which, for this frog, is California or Mexico – and certainly the back yard is out of the question. You wouldn’t want a toddler or the family dog deciding to play with this little guy. I wonder if David lives alone or has any younger brothers or sisters who were at any risk to be poisoned by the toad.

It’s hard to get too worked up about a toad when so many people are becoming addicted to prescription drugs. Certainly using this toad, which is not a prince, to get high is an activity for a specialist. But, really, when things go that far, I do think it’s a good idea to look into the possibility of getting some addiction help.

More alcohol and inhalants are used by the 9 to 15 crowd than toads and that is a far bigger problem, especially since alcohol and inhalants are also hard-to-control everyday household items.

Hallucinogens are dangerous just like any other drug, and this frog is no exception.
Hopefully, people will drop this particular idea and let the frog live in his natural habitat.

Addiction help services will be available when the croaking stops.

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