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Addiction Help Facility Under Investigation After Methadone Death

The recent death of a 16-year-old girl provides an excellent example of why people have to be warned about the dangers of methadone: Two girls living at a facility for teen substance abuser stole methadone from an employee. Not getting high as they had obviously expected to, the girls continued to take more methadone throughout the night, eventually fell into a coma, and one died. Obviously, both girls were in need of addiction help and neither should have been exposed to any drugs.

Karla Ramirez, the aunt of the girl who is in recovery, explained, ”When the effects didn’t hit right away, they just kept taking more pills. They had no idea what they were dealing with.”

And that pretty much sums up the methadone problem – people just don’t know what they’re dealing with. It’s a tricky drug. You don’t feel the usual effects you would expect from an opiate, other than having it kill pain, and, consequently, either take more methadone or take another drug on top of it. This results in overdose and, sometimes, death. They go to sleep and never wake up.

Another unfortunate result of this incident is that the home where this occured will no longer have people who need addiction help services referred there by officials in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, and another group home was also cut off. How many people won’t be able to get the addiction help they need due to the criminal neglect of one employee?

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