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Addiction Help Enables a Person to Make Correct Decisions – The Real Cure for Addiction

Of course, there has been a flurry of reactions in the media to Whitney Houston’s death. Some journalists are talking about ‘enablers,’ specifically those who bent over backwards to get Whitney whatever drugs or alcohol she wanted, whenever she wanted them, and despite the fact that she was obviously out of control and needed addiction help.

Another interesting article was on alcohol taxes. This subject came up because some reports say Whitney died from a combination of alcohol and Xanax. Despite Whitney’s alcohol-related death, and that of Amy Winehouse and many, many others, no one’s really talking about raising the tax on alcohol specifically to reduce the number of people who die or get very ill because of alcohol. A New York Times article notes how little public alarm and government reaction there is against alcohol abuse as compared to tobacco and other agents harmful to health. Good question. Why IS alcohol so acceptable?

But one of the most appropriate reactions, in my opinion, was that of Bill O’Reilly. He commented that the press don’t know how to cover Whitney’s death. Why?

Primarily because alcohol and drug abuse is now considered a ‘disease.’ He remembers the days of Nancy Regan, when she encouraged people to ‘reject narcotics,’ and says that doing such a thing these days would be ‘uncool.’ Now that it’s a ‘disease,’ saying people should ‘reject narcotics’ is like making fun of someone who’s physically or mentally handicapped and indicating that it’s their fault that they have a problem.

But when it comes to alcohol and drugs, it’s usually true. There are some exceptions, of course – people who are on addictive prescription drugs for a legitimate life-threatening reason or children who, without their consent, are given drugs by their parents – but for the most part, people make the decision to drink or take drugs, or not.

As O’Reilly points out, “Houston, however, was an adult who made a decision to embrace the drug life. Once a person decides to dabble in cocaine, or opiates such as heroin and OxyContin, they are putting themselves at grave risk. And they know it.”

It’s a decision made by each individual. You can’t go through years of living and still think that alcohol or drugs are harmless, innocent and fun – you know you’re taking a risk. And if you embrace the life of alcohol and drug abuse, there’s a very good chance that the consequences could be dire.

One very good thing about his viewpoint is that it recognizes that, unlike REAL diseases, alcohol and drug problems are under the control of the individual. And with the help of a good drug rehab program, he can get his life back.

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