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Addiction Help: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

A woman’s life has come crashing down, thanks to drug addiction. Kristin Parker, a scrub tech in Colorado who fell prey to an addiction to painkillers (and heroin for a short time) wound up contracting Hepatitis C. But, that’s not the worst of it. She worked as a nurse for two different hospitals, where she had access to needles and prescription drugs that were administered by injection.

I don’t believe that the hospitals would have hired her if they knew that she was a drug user, but they definitely were aware that she had Hepatitis C. And, they put her into an area of the hospital where people were being operated on and given injections. Doesn’t seem very safe!

As time went on, Parker’s addiction continued, and she decided to start using syringes full of prescription painkillers and then replaced the medication with saline. Then, the same needles were used on patients at the hospital. As it turns out, she put the lives of as many as 6000 patients at risk, and gave the incurable disease to 3 dozen people.

So, just to recap: she used drugs that had to be injected, she got Hepatitis C and she gave 3 dozen people an incurable disease (maybe more). All of this because she was addicted to drugs!

Do you really think that no one knew about her problem? Did she really think she could just fly under the radar and continue this behavior? She’s only 27 years old and is now facing 30 years in prison. And there are 36 people out there dealing with a horrible disease from an unfortunate hospital stay. Absolutely heartbreaking!

I wonder how her life would have turned out if she had gotten the addiction help she needed. I have a strong feeling if she had gotten help finding a drug detox and drug rehab program that could address her addiction then all of these tragedies could have been avoided and she’d be living a normal life as well as her victims and this horrible mess wouldn’t exist.

While not everyone hits this low of a rock-bottom when they do drugs, this just goes to show that addiction is a powerful force that must be dealt with – before it’s too late.

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