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Addiction Help – Don't Wait. Drug Addicts Die Every Day

I’m an optimist. I’m not an alarmist. And I don’t favor scare tactics. But when it comes to drug addiction, I think it’s warranted. So … here’s what’s happening to mothers who’ve lost their child to a drug overdose. And there are comments worth reading. One of the comments is about a relative who refuses to get addiction help in an inpatient facility – which he obviously needs since he’s injects cocaine, has overdosed 7 times and almost lost his foot to an infection. But he says he thinks he can kick the drug on his own.  He also has heart problems as well, and he’s only 27.  

I don’t know if that person who talked about that particular situation will ever read this blog but, if you do, please listen. He cannot handle it on his own. He’s already proven that. And it’s not unusual – the number of people who handle addiction on their own is almost negligible. In fact, even those who receive only outpatient treatment don’t have much of a chance.

Long-term residental drug addiction help is what he needs. And the longer the delay, the greater the chances of him overdosing again and not living through it.

I urge you, and others in your situation, to do whatever’s necessary to get someone with a drug problem into a facility that can give them the addiction help they need.

I would try another intervention – a good, qualifed person who has also had a drug problem in the past and who the addict can relate to. Call Addiction Help Services to find the right interventionist. They’ll also help you find an addiction help center that’s suitable for the situation and help make arrangements to get him there.

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