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Addiction Help Could Stop Use of Prescription Drugs in Baseball

Baseball should really investigate the use of prescription drugs in their sport. If a player can’t perform without Adderall or Ritalin, why isn’t that considered performance enhancing? If he can’t get off the bench without painkillers, shouldn’t that considered performance enhancing? To make matters worse, these athletes are going to become, or already are, dependent on or addicted to these drugs and many of them probably already need drug rehab or some other form of addiction help.

Don Fehr and the players union should put a stop to the use of any drugs. It really sends a wrong message when 103 players are allowed to use drugs to play. If you’re on a high school or college baseball team wouldn’t you start taking drugs to try and reach your goals when that’s what the pros are doing? If the players union and major league baseball approve of the use of any prescription drugs then why shouldn’t you start early, like in little league or t-ball?

Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds might have used steroids, but to crucify them is ridiculous when you’ve got 103 pro baseball players taking Adderall or Ritalin. Are Valium or Xanax also allowed before you’re at bat if you’re nervous?

Unfortunately, instead of sending the message that should be sent by our sports professionals, baseball is helping spread the use of prescription drugs. And the result is going to be the need for more addiction help services, both within the sport and among the general public.

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