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Addiction Help Could Restore Your Relationship with Your Kids

Tonight I read a review of a play called ‘Runaways’ currently showing in Maryland. A cast of twenty two tell their stories about abuse at home, drug addiction, prostitution and everything else they ran into at home and on the street. Many of these kids really need addiction help, but they have even less chance of getting it than those who have a family to back them up. One thing runaways don’t have.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Los Angeles where there are literally thousands of kids  who’ve run away from home. Seeing these kids really makes you appreciate having a relationship with your own. But I know from experience that drugs can really destroy that relationship – whether the drug problem is with the parents or the kids.

My relationship with my mother was almost non-existant for many years. However, she eventually got me to get addiction help – I was an adult by that time – and backed me up in every way she could after that. And, thanks to her, I never looked back. And our relationship was completely restored.

If you have a kid taking drugs, realize that the drugs will eventually ruin their lives, and probably yours. Get them the addiction help services they need and both your lives will be better.

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