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Addiction Help Could Have Ended Doctor's Drug Addiction

If you think you or someone you care about is immune to drug addiction, read Dr. Chris Davis’s story. Dr. Davis, as a family practitioner, found the job very stressful and when he started having minor medical problems injected himself with a morphine-type drug called Nubain. He said he experienced withdrawal symptoms whenever he tried to stop, so he kept taking it. It didn’t stop until five years later when he was arrested. Why didn’t he get addiction help?

It’s distressing that even a medical professional who understands the drugs, understands the process of withdrawal, and knows how to get help doesn’t do it. Instead he continued to inject Nubain five or six times a day for five years – not even his wife knew about it.

The article does not say why he was arrested or how his drug addiction was eventually discovered. It also doesn’t say if he still has his license and is still practicing medicine.

If it can happen to him, it can happen to anyone. If you know someone with a drug problem – make sure they get the addiction help services they need. Don’t depend on them to do it. It’s almost impossible to do by yourself.

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