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Addiction Help Comes Too Late for Students in Georgia

It’s too late for addiction help for prescription drugs for one, and possibly two, students in Georgia. A 15-year-old gave 80mg Oxycodone pills to his friends. Two became very ill, one went to the hospital and one young man, Timothy Lebron Smith, died after taking four Oxycodone pills. Will addiction help get the other three off drugs?

I have had two kids go through drug rehab and they got the addiction help they needed. Luckily, it was before the time of prescription drug abuse and neither died and both have been drug free for 5 years or more.

Kids are using drugs at a younger and younger age and more and many will become addicted before they finish college.

I feel bad for Timothy’s family. Drug education may have saved his life and maybe his sad death will help some of his classmates understand the danger of taking prescription drugs. Drugs like Oxycodone are dangerous even when you have been given a prescription by a doctor and are taking the pills exactly the way the doctor told you to. Without a doctor, they are even more dangerous.

Statistics show that one of the four kids would have become addicted and needed some serious drug addiction help. These kids were 15-years-old – very early for drinking or drug abuse. Make sure you get the addiction help services you need if you are addicted to painkillers, or dependent on them.

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