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Addiction Help Comes in the Form of Drug Education in Morgan County, Indiana

Parents in Morgan County, Indiana are invited to a drug education and training session on January 23, 2008. United for a Drug-free Morgan County Coalition is hosting the event and is presenting “Proven Strategies to Strengthen Drug Prevention Efforts in Morgan County.” With alcohol abuse running at a higher rate than both the state and national averages, getting parents involved before more addiction help is needed is a smart idea.

Indianapolis quarterback Jack Trudeau and his wife Lisa should be required to attend, they were recently fined $2500 dollars each for allowing Boone County high school students to drink alcohol at their daughter Danielle’s graduation party. Mr. and Mrs. Trudeau are probably unaware of the problems teenage alcohol abuse can cause later in life and the fact that teenagers who drink are more likely to need addiction help when they get older.

Another person who should be there is Fishers High School Principal Scott Syverson:  he was charged with drunk driving and may face up to a year in jail. Parents and leaders in the community should help send the message that alcohol and drug abuse are not cool. When teenagers stand around drinking in front of or near an NFL quarterback and he doesn’t stop them it sends the wrong message, even if it seems safer to be drinking at home – or whatever excuse is being used.

More the 85% of parents think they can’t stop their kids from drinking, so most probably don’t even try.

Diana Roy, the Morgan County coordinator of Youth as Resources of Central Indiana said “It’s a mindset in changing the way people think; you can have fun without alcohol. The big thing we want to see is parents gaining awareness”.

If more drug education is required than less drug or alcohol addiction help services will be necessary.

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