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Addiction Help Can Restore Relationships – Check Out Brooke and Charlie

Can addiction help really change your life? Have a look at Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller. Brooke was very messed up on drugs, and Charlie (hate to say it) had pretty much gone off the deep end. Now Brooke’s getting drug rehab, Charlie’s helping her through it, and he’s getting clean himself. Now they seem to be more than friends – it looks like they’re even talking about getting back together. Since they have two kids, they would also have the family they once had.

A lot of people assume that others will never, ever forgive them for the things they said and did while on drugs and alcohol. But this is a good example of how people can not only forgive, they can also restore trust.

There will be exceptions to this, of course. But it’s not always the fault of the former addict – there are some people who tend to just hold onto things, they never really forgive, never really trust.

I would venture to say that people like that are not the best people to have a relationship with anyway – regardless of whether drugs or alcohol were ever a problem. Neither would be happy, and one person would be constantly reminded, usually by the other person, of what they’ve done wrong.

In fact, having unhealthy relationships – relationships with people who make you feel bad in some way, feel guilty, not up to their standards or with whom there always seems to be some kind of trouble – can be a big reason why people take drugs or drink in the first place.

When someone is going through an alcohol or drug treatment program, one of the steps they should take before they leave the program (and the best drug rehab programs do this) is to do an assessment of the people in their lives to see what relationships are really good for them, and which are not. Bad relationships can really make it hard for the former addict to stay clean and change their lives.

At this point, the Brooke and Charlie relationship seems to be very supportive and worth having. They’re helping each other get through what surely must be the worst times of their lives.

Let’s hope both of them make it, and they wind up back together or, at least, very good friends.

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