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Addiction Help Can be Too Late

People need to be aware of who needs addiction help and the magnitude of the prescription drug addiction problem.

Eric F. Landeros and Florencio Reyes Jr. died on Sunday from an apparent overdose of oxycodone. Senseless deaths caused by prescription drug abuse is something we will be reading about for years. One of the primary problems is that so many people think painkillers, depressants and sleeping pills are safe. They are made by drug companies and prescribed by doctors. People feel safe when taking them even when they aren’t prescribed.  As many as 25% of people between the ages of 18 to 26 take prescription drugs. In some parts of the country 20% of high school age kids are also taking prescription drugs without a prescription from a doctor. In Southern, Michigan 37% of kids are taking prescription drugs with and without prescriptions. With those kinds of numbers being put on the boards a lot of addiction help services will be needed

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