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Addiction Help and Moms on Methamphetamines

In Arizona Tina Tolbert was a supermom. How did she keep going? By taking meth. It gave her the energy she needed to play with her kids. She took them on night hikes in the mountains, climbed trees, and took them swimming at 3 in the morning. And she was on meth all the time. She was also on meth when pregnant with her son. He’s now in his second drug rehab program trying to get addiction help for his meth addiction, and he’s only 17 years old.

Tina lost her career as a respiratory therapist because of her meth addiction. “It will take all your hope” she said. And she feels her son’s addiction stems from her taking meth when she was pregnant.

Methamphetamines are used by 12 million people in America and it takes a toll on communities and households all over the country. It’s marketed in the Northeast, the Midwest – Iowa, Nevada, Idaho and Arizona all have big methamphetamine problems. And Tina is not the only supermom taking them. There are even Moms off Meth programs in many cities.

Addiction help services are going to be needed all over the country for the people with a methamphetamine addiction. Call us if you’re one of them, or know someone who is.

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