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Addiction Help and Drug Education for OxyContin

This is a follow up to yesterday’s blog about the four students from Ringgold High School in Catoosa County, Tennessee. Timothy Lebron Smith died from an overdose after taking four 80mg pills. Pharmacists have reminded me that OxyContin was originally marketed for terminally ill cancer patients in extreme pain. It seems that the purpose for the drug has been changed – now anyone in pain uses it. The pharmacists from Catoosa County want to take it off the shelves. Purdue Pharma should have some risk here if people don’t know how dangerous OxyContin is. Drug education will help, as will locking up the medication, but if people don’t realize they are holding a loaded gun then the fault lies with the pharmaceutical company. Doctors also need more education concerning the addictive nature of all prescription drugs; they especially need to warn their patients about the dangers of getting addicted to OxyContin or Oxyodone and what sort of addiction help services they will need if they do become addicted.

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