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Addiction Help Along With Suspended Driving Privileges Saves Lives

The author of a recent editorial in referenced the alcohol-related death of another young person in Minnesota and a recent survey on alcohol abuse when he implored the state government to stiffen the penalties for underaged drinking. The current penalty is a fine – often paid by the parents – and the editorial calls for suspension of driving privileges.  In many other states, the penalty doesn’t stop there – the offender also has to get addiction help.

I couldn’t agree more with this viewpoint. The consequences of our actions have to have impact. And for a young driver, any driver really, not being able to drive is a big deal. However, there has to be some addiction help of some sort along with the penalty. Simply penalizng a person for wrong actions doesn’t get down to the bottom of why they did it in the first place. Without doing that, the chances of them doing it again are pretty high.

If you have child under 21 who is drinking, whether they’re involved in a motor vehicle accident or not – whether they drive or not – get them the addiction help services they need. Alcohol has ruined millions of lives and ended many as well. If parents don’t care enough to do something about it, who does? Your kid’s life may depend on it.

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