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Adderall Turning A and B Students into Druggies

Adderall and Ritalin used to be prescribed for the set of symptoms known as ADHD and other so-called learning disorders. Now they’re also used to study. But the students who are taking them – many of whom are the A & B students who want to get good grades – are having to take time out to get addiction help instead of being able to pursue their goals.

How bad is the situation? One in 10 teens has used Adderall or Ritalin without a doctor’s prescription, according to The Partnership at Studies show 1 in 4 college students have misused ADHD medications. One in four!! That means that either your kid is using them, or they know several people who are.

Ironically, there is more and more agreement among students, teachers and even parents, that taking these drugs to enhance their study performance is acceptable, and even encouraged.

Before you do the same, you might consider some of the side effects:

• depression
• mood swings
• exhaustion
• heart rate and blood pressure irregularities
• psychosis
• convulsions
• hallucinations

These side effects are NOT signs that the body or brain likes these drugs. In fact, they are poison. That’s bad for anyone, but even worse when you consider that kids’ bodies and brains are still developing (the brain doesn’t stop developing until age 25). How well are those high performance kids going to do in life with brain damage?

Sooner or later someone is going to make this illegal. Some student or parent is going to complain that in order to keep up with the grades other kids are getting, they, or their children, have to take drugs. How ridiculous is that?

Actually, I’m sure parents have already complained. Now someone has to take it to court. And professors who encourage it should be among those charged.

If your kids are using these drugs, make the complaint yourself. And get your own son or daughter into drug rehab if they have any trouble getting off the drugs.

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