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Is More Addiction Help Coming at the University of Maryland

It looks like the University of Maryland is jumping on the bandwagon of colleges taking a proactive approach at getting rid of prescription drug abuse among college students. We need way more of this – or we’re going to need way more addiction help on the campus. Or kids kids kicked out of school.

University of Maryland conducted a study recently of 1,200 freshman about prescription drugs. There seems to be two camps – those who think prescription drugs are like taking illegal drugs, everything from marijuana to cocaine. The other camp is those who think they’re safe because they come from a doctor.

The study also found the highest prescription drug abuse was among those who belong to fraternities and those not doing well in their studies.

Fraternities used to pride themselves on their members being high achievers. I’m sure they wouldn’t be too pleased to find their drug taking has reduced their status.

The university of Maryland is planning to do more to prevent prescription drug abuse. But parents should also find out more about addiction help services. Otherwise, the years in school could be a complete waste, or worse.

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