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30 Years an Addict, Now Getting Her Master’s

Today I read about Antoinette Miller – and there aren’t success stories much better than hers. It took her a long time to get addiction help, but once she did, she really changed her life! If she can make it, anyone can. Here’s her story.

  • Born to an alcoholic mother
  • Taken from home and fostered out when she was five, the first in a series of foster homes
  • Smoked her first cigarette at 12
  • Started drugs with cocaine at 13
  • And then, also at 13, met her first pimp.
  • She spent over 30 years stoned, being beaten, arrested, and raped, had four kids – all of whom were raised by the mothers of the kids’ fathers, including the one man who had been her husband.

Then when she was in her ‘40s, she met the father of one of her kids in a diner where she kept passing out into her food. Then a young girl asked ‘Why is the lady so sick, Daddy?’ That was when she realized that the girl with the father of her daughter was her daughter. That’s what it took to get her sober.

She’d been in rehab before, but this time she was really motivated. And, boy, did she make it!

On her way to work one day she saw an ad for a college. They helped her get her GED – she’d had an 8th grade education – then she got a Bachelor of Science, and now she has her Masters.

Not surprisingly, her degree is in social work. She wants to help others like herself.

Antoinette says the secret is taking the first step. And she’s right. Take that step – get into rehab – and then you can change your life.

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