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Are drugs or alcohol ruining your family? Is someone you care about in danger because of their drug addiction or drug or alcohol abuse? Do you spend too much time worrying about them? Is concern for them always in the back of your mind?

You’ve come to the right place.

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Alcohol abuse and drug addiction isn’t easy to overcome, but our experienced counselors can help you find the Wyoming addiction help services that make it possible.

Can Wyoming Addiction Help Services Help with All Drugs?

Yes. The drugs that send people for addiction help in Wyoming include:

  • Marijuana
  • Stimulants, including methamphetamine and addiction to cocaine, prescription drugs like Ritalin and Adderall, and several synthetic drugs that are technical legal, but just as dangerous, if not more so, as methamphetamine.
  • Heroin and other opiates – including problems with prescription painkillers. OxyContin addiction, for example, is quite common. As is addiction to Vicodin, Percocet and other prescription pain relievers.
  • A wide variety of other sedatives, tranquilizers, benzodiazapines, anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax and others.

A person can get addicted to any of these drugs.

Chances are, if someone you care about is taking them and can’t seem to stop even though it’s upsetting the family and causing other problems in their life, they are already addicted. They need professional help. It’s almost impossible to quit on your own – even when you really want to.

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We’ll help you find a drug addiction treatment program that works.

Is the Drug Addiction Situation in Wyoming Really Serious?

The number of people taking drugs in Wyoming is very slightly below average in the U.S.

But the number of people who die from drugs in Wyoming is a little higher.

Most of the drug deaths in the U.S. involve prescription drugs rather than street drugs.

Not that street drugs can’t kill you, they can. But people who take prescription drugs – especially painkillers – often don’t know that the drugs are dangerous. They expect that something that’s prescribed by doctors would be safe.

One of the reasons people die from prescription painkillers is that they need to take more and more of them to get the same effect. They don’t know they’re taking too much. The drugs slow down the heart rate, breathing and so on to the point where the body just can’t function anymore.

Although people overdose on OxyContin, hydrocodone, Vicodin and Percocet, methadone is a unique problem. Methadone doesn’t have the same ‘high’ as other painkillers but it stays in the system for a long time. People think that what they’ve taken already has worn off because they don’t feel the effects. So they take more. That can lead to overdose, which can be fatal.

Worrying about what will happen to someone you care about who’s taking drugs won’t solve the problem or protect them.

They need addiction help.

Wyoming has several alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs available.

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To find the right one for your situation.

Can I Get Good Alcohol Addiction Help in Wyoming?

Yes, and if someone in your family has an alcohol problem, they should get help right away.

Alcohol addiction and abuse can lead to very serious problems – both for the person who is drinking and for the family.

People who drink too much – whether they’re frequent, heavy drinkers or they binge drink occasionally – have more accidents, get more injuries, lose their jobs, their families, and so on.

It also really affects their health and they usually die long before they should.

Is alcohol addiction or abuse a problem in your family?

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We’ll help you find an alcohol rehab center that can really give the person the addiction help they need.

Alcohol and drugs are ruining millions of lives around the world.
Is yours one of them?

Call us today. We can help.

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