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What Are the Drug Problems in West Virginia?

West Virginia has the highest rate of overdose deaths in the U.S., according to a report released this past year. West Virginia’s drug overdose death rate was more than double the national average and every day one or two West Virginians will die from a drug overdose. Before the year is over, drug overdoses will have claimed the lives of over 600 West Virginians.

According to authorities, it started with prescription painkillers, and now is increasingly fueled by heroin.

The most recent statistics show that prescription painkillers were responsible for more than half of all drug overdose-related deaths, according to the report.

West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources officials say most overdose deaths involve multiple substances, but a couple stand out.  Of the 628 drug overdose deaths in the state last year, most were linked to prescription drugs; 199 were Oxycodone-related, while 133 were attributed to Hydrocodone.

West Virginia is also one of the top ten states for use of illegal drugs.

Heroin addiction is the major problem. Sometimes people get started on heroin because they can’t afford drugs like OxyContin. OxyContin costs $60 – $80 per pill; heroin costs about $10, or even less.

Facilities for addiction in West Virginia also often help people with a cocaine problem. West Virginia is also on the list of top ten states for using cocaine.

The biggest problem is opiates, but that also includes prescription painkillers and other prescription drugs. OxyContin addiction, addiction to hydrocodone, methadone and so on are very common. In West Virginia, addiction help centers often deal with prescription drug addiction.

These drugs are very dangerous and, as a result of the widespread abuse and addiction, West Virginia also has twice the number of drug deaths as the rest of the country. Some areas are even worse – McDowell County, for example, has the 5th highest rate of drug poisoning deaths in the entire U.S.

Marijuana is also common – more common than other drugs, except for opiates. Opiates are used nearly three times as much as marijuana. In many states, this is reversed – marijuana is the most used drug.

How Does Prescription Drug Addiction Start?

OxyContin addiction, Xanax addiction, Valium addiction and addiction to other prescription drugs often starts when someone gets a prescription from their doctor.

But the person gets addicted to the drug and, when the prescriptions run out, they have to find another way to get the drugs.

Getting those drugs from people who sell them illegally is easy in West Virginia.

But addiction help is available and can change your life or the life of someone you care about.

There are hundreds of facilities that may help you, but not all of them are experts at prescription drug rehab. Many prescription drugs can be more difficult to get off than street drugs. And withdrawal can be medically dangerous.

Is Alcohol Abuse a Problem in West Virginia?

Although West Virginia alcohol abuse is slightly less than the national average, almost 6% of the population were dependent on or abused alcohol in the year prior to being surveyed, for a total of about 88,000 individuals.

Alcohol addiction treatment programs are available throughout the state.

But like West Virginia addiction help centers for drugs, not all alcohol rehab programs are good.

Some just get the person to dry out and it’s up to them after that to stay sober. That rarely works.

A good drug and alcohol treatment program helps the person figure out why they’re taking drugs or drinking and helps set them up so they can really quit.

We can help you find the right program for you or your loved one.

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