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Looking for Alcohol or Drug Addiction Help in Vermont?

Have you had it with alcohol abuse and drug addiction? Do you want to change your life? Have you tried everything you can think of and just can’t fix the problem? Do you need help figuring out what to do next?

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What Drugs are People Taking In Vermont?

Even though Vermont is a small state, the people there are still dealing with every drug problem you can imagine. And it’s not only adults – there is a higher percentage of kids needing addiction help in Vermont than in the rest of the country. The national average percentage of people needing alcohol or drug addiction treatment is about 8%. In Vermont, it’s one in ten people. One of the biggest problems in Vermont is prescription drug addiction. Addiction to painkillers is very common – OxyContin addiction, hydrocodone, Vicodin, methadone and others. A lot of people also take Ritalin – there is very easy access to this drug, which is very similar to cocaine. Also widespread are tranquilizers and sedatives like Valium and anti-anxiety drugs – particularly Xanax. Some people get addicted to prescription drugs when they get a prescription from their doctor. Then they can’t stop taking them. Sometimes people in that position are embarrassed to admit that they have a problem. But it is so common – it happens to some of the very nicest people, and from all walks of life. It might even be a problem for your grandmother! There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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Do Drug Rehab Facilities Offer Addiction Help for Alcohol?

Yes, most centers for addiction help in Vermont deal with alcohol abuse and drug addiction. Alcohol abuse is as big a problem in Vermont as it is all over the country. It affects all ages of people – and is especially bad with college-aged kids, whether they go to college or not. If someone you know is abusing alcohol, you need to fix it fast. The longer the problem goes on, the harder it can be to handle. Quitting alcohol can be very dangerous. In fact, if someone is really a serious alcoholic, their bodies can go through such trauma when they try to stop drinking that they need medical help. People who drink often promise that they’ll stop. They want to, but they can’t. The symptoms of withdrawal are so severe than the person feels like they might die. And, in fact, they might. If you or someone you know needs an alcohol addiction treatment program, we can help you find a good one that will make sure they’re safe while they’re withdrawing.

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We’ll help you find the best alcohol rehab in Vermont for your situation. There are hundreds of facilities that offer addiction help in Vermont. They deal with alcohol abuse and all kinds of drug problems. If you need help with cocaine addiction, methamphetamine addiction, prescription drug addiction, heroin addiction, or any other drug, it’s important to find the right alcohol or drug addiction treatment program. Some centers for addiction help in Vermont are very good. And some will help you get off the drug, but don’t do anything to help you stay clean. If you choose the right addiction help, there is no reason why you can’t stay sober and drug-free and stay that way.

Let us help you find the addiction help in Vermont that’s going to work for you.

We’re here to help.

What Can I Do If I Need Addiction Help in Vermont?

You may be surprised to know that many, many people in Vermont are caught up in alcohol abuse and drug addiction.

If you’re one of them, or if the problem is with someone in your family, we know how frustrating it can be trying to cope.

We also know that you might be very worried about what will happen next.

Have you tried to get the person you care about to stop drinking or taking drugs, but haven’t been able to?

Do you think you might need to do something about it now?

Why Do They Need Addiction Help? Why Don’t They Just Stop?

That’s the nature of addiction – that’s what addiction is all about.

An addict – no matter what they’re addicted to – is basically defined as someone who can’t stop doing what they’re doing no matter how much it’s hurting them, their family, their friends, their jobs, their relationships, and so on.

And that’s probably exactly what you’ve witnessed – a lot of damage, a lot of promises, and almost no follow through.

There are various reasons for this:

  • The situation often started because they have problems in life they don’t know how to deal with. Problems that are serious for them, even though they might not be serious to you. As long as those problems exist and there is no solution, they will be tempted to take drugs to try to deal with the upset and confusion those problems are creating.
  • Sometimes they started with drugs or alcohol when they were just experimenting – no big life problems, just wanted to try it when their friends were trying it. What they don’t know is that it doesn’t take long to actually get addicted. So, they do the drugs or they drink several times, thinking they’re just having fun, and next thing you know, they find themselves without the alcohol or drug and craving it to the point where they actually feel sick.
  • They also don’t know that with some people, and some drugs, something can get triggered that changes their personality – in a bad way. They are no longer ‘themselves.’ This can happen to some people even the very first time they take it.
  • The longer they drink or take drugs, the worse the situation gets. The harder it is to stop, the worse the underlying life problems get, and the more the body needs it.

One way or another, you wind up with addiction.

BUT, alcohol abuse or drug addiction can be overcome, and there are many facilities that offer addiction help in Vermont that can help you do that.

Are There Any Drugs That Vermont Addiction Help Facilities Can’t Help With?

No. But some addiction help facilities are more experienced or better equipped to deal with some drugs than others.

For example, dealing with prescription drug addiction can be difficult. Overcoming OxyContin addiction, methadone addiction, Xanax addiction, or addiction to other prescription drugs can be medically dangerous – that’s why doctors tell you not to stop suddenly and without their supervision.

Also, some facilities are more commonly used to helping with alcohol problems – alcohol addiction, binge drinking, heavy drinkers, frequent drinkers, etc. Some Vermont addiction help facilities work mainly with alcohol.

Which one do you choose?

That’s why we’re here. To listen to your problems, and help you figure out the next right step. Is alcohol or drug rehab needed? And, if so, what is the best program for your situation?

Call us now at 855-889-0555

Drugs and alcohol don’t have to ruin your life, and you can repair the damage that’s already done.

Call us now – we can help you get your life back.

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