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What Are the Drug Addiction Problems in Oregon?

You would think that Oregon would have fewer drug problems than states with very big, cosmopolitan cities like New York and California. But Oregon’s drug problem is even worse.

In the latest surveys of drug abuse in the individual States of the U.S., Oregon ranked highest for several categories:

  • The number of people who used illicit drugs other than marijuana in the last month
  • The number of young adults who used prescription painkillers to get high
  • The number of people over the age of 26 who used illegal drugs in the past month

The number of people who used illegal drugs in the last month was 50% higher than the national average. And more people died in Oregon from drugs than from motor vehicle accidents – which is unusual. Drug-induced deaths were about 25% higher than in the rest of the country.

What Drug Problems Need Addiction Help in Oregon?

With Oregon being the number one State for non-medical use of prescription painkillers for young adults, you can see why prescription drug addiction would be one of the Oregon’s biggest problems. But prescription drug addiction isn’t limited to young people getting high. It’s a problem for people of all ages – even senior citizens!

How do people get addicted to prescription drugs?

Older people often get addicted to prescription drugs when prescribed by their doctor for a short-term situation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long to get addicted to some of these drugs. When the person tries to stop taking them, they often experience withdrawal symptoms. These can make the person feel like they still need the drugs, so they keep taking them and the situation gets worse.

Younger people tend to get the drugs from their parents’ medicine cabinets, or those of other family members or friends. They know the adults in the house are taking the pills and, as far as the kids understand, the adults are taking them to make themselves feel better.

Kids want to feel better, too.

They may take painkillers, sedatives, tranquilizers, antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, Ritalin and Adderall prescribed for a sibling with learning disorders – whatever’s there, they’re likely to try out.

And they don’t just take them for themselves, they also share them with their friends. Sometimes a bunch of kids take pills to a party. They’re all thrown into a big bowl and kids take whatever they want.

Sometimes they get addicted, sometimes they wind up in the emergency room at the hospital, and sometimes they die.

It’s no joke.

Not all facilities that offer addiction help in Oregon are experienced with prescription drugs, but we are familiar with all the programs available and can help you find the right one.

Other Drugs That Need Addiction Help in Oregon

Just about every drug is used in Oregon, and people need addiction help for all of them.

The most recent state report released by the Oregon High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Program, highlights the following:


While meth remains the “most serious drug threat,” the report also says raids on meth labs have decreased ever since Oregon lawmakers made it much harder to obtain the drugs which are used to make meth.

However, meth remains easily available because Mexican drug traffickers continue to smuggle meth powder, liquid and finished “crystal meth” or “ice” from laboratories outside the state, the report says.

Once in Oregon, outlaw motorcycle clubs and street gangs are the primary retail distributors, the report says.

The number of meth-related arrests in Oregon has doubled from 2009 to 2015.


Almost a quarter of law enforcement agencies surveyed indicated that heroin was the principal threat in their jurisdictions. Most of the heroin is smuggled into Oregon by Mexican drug trafficking organizations, largely through California and sometimes through Arizona and Nevada.

The Portland metro area serves as the main retail distribution hub, the report says. Sales occur in restaurants and nightclubs, at open-air drug markets, as well as through online connections and social networking sites.

Police reports suggest that the number of criminal groups distributing heroin has increased. Distributors who previously sold only meth or cocaine have entered the heroin market, luring new customers with low prices and free samples.


Marijuana remains the most omnipresent drug in Oregon, with 97 percent of law enforcement officers surveyed in 2015 reporting that it was highly available. Seventy-seven percent said concentrates such as hash were also highly available.

Contributing factors, the report says, are indoor and outdoor growing operations run by drug trafficking organizations. But also because of “criminal exploitation of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program,” which funnels marijuana into underground sales.

In November 2014, Oregon voters passed Measure 91, legalizing personal use and possession of recreational marijuana by adults 21 and older. The impact of Measure 91 is not known, the report says. However, trends reported in Colorado and Washington — two states that earlier legalized marijuana for recreational use — indicate Oregon may see “increased use, particularly by youth; increased exposure cases; increased public use; more intoxicated driving; more THC-extraction labs and related explosions; exploitation of the law as a cover for illegal grow operations; and more drug trafficking in and out of the state,” the report warns.

The report predicts:

  • Meth and heroin will remain big drug threats and continue to contribute to violent crimes, identity theft and property crimes, following the trend of abuse.
  • The abuse and trafficking of heroin and prescription painkillers also will continue to expand.
  • Mexican drug traffickers will continue to control outdoor cultivation of marijuana. Meanwhile, exploitation of medical marijuana laws will encourage larger indoor marijuana-growing operations, the report says.
  • The demand for designer drugs is expected to rise due to wide availability of related chemicals.

If you need alcohol rehab, drug rehab, or prescription drug rehab, we can help you.

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