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Addiction Help in New Mexico

Is It Time to Find New Mexico Addiction Help?

Are you frustrated with not being able to help someone you care about get off drugs or alcohol? Do you worry about them constantly, even if it’s just in the back of your mind? Are you tired of dealing with the problems drug addiction or alcohol abuse is causing?

We can help you.

A good addiction help center can change their lives, and yours.

Do something about it now.

Why Is Addiction Help in New Mexico Needed So Badly?

In New Mexico, addiction help is needed more than anywhere else in the U.S. because so many drugs are available from across the border. Drugs are all over the place. It’s important to get help for someone as soon as possible – being in that environment makes it really hard to stop.

It also means that everyone has access to drugs, and just about everyone knows people who take them and have some to offer them.

New Mexico is number one on the list of all U.S. states for actual drug addiction.

Nearly one in ten people in New Mexico use drugs, and the number of people who die from drugs in New Mexico is twice the national average.

New Mexico has the second highest drug overdose mortality rate in the United States, with 23.8 per 100,000 people suffering drug overdose fatalities.

Drugs kill more people in New Mexico than motor vehicle accidents and firearms.

And according to the Centers for Disease Control, New Mexico teens continue to use every drug measured — from marijuana to cocaine to heroin — at higher rates than students nationwide. New Mexico teens use drugs at higher rates than even Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and other cities long considered the crime capitals of the United States.

Marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine come across the border from Mexico, both to be used by people in New Mexico and also to transport to other states.

New Mexico is considered one of the high intensity drug trafficking areas, and there are many government agencies set up in counties all through New Mexico that are trying to stop it.

When drugs are coming into the country like that, you never really know whether the drugs are high or low quality. Low quality drugs might be mixed with other substances, like baking soda or talcum powder. This makes the drugs even more dangerous. High quality drugs are more pure than low quality, but that doesn’t mean they’re less dangerous – they might be much stronger than a person is used to.

The difference in quality – both high and low – would account for many of the deaths. You never really know what you’re getting.

The only real way to guarantee the safety of someone you care about is to get them into a detox and/or rehab facility as quickly as possible.

There are many centers that offer help in New Mexico, but not all of them have good programs – programs that really work with the person to get them to stay off drugs, not just dry them out and send them home. That usually doesn’t work. The person is back on drugs within hours, days or weeks of doing their drug addiction treatment program.

We can help you find an addiction help center that offers the best chance of getting sober and staying that way.

Our experienced counselors can help you figure out where to get the best help available.

Can New Mexico Facilities Also Deal with Alcohol Addiction or Abuse?

Yes. There are several facilities that offer alcohol abuse help in New Mexico. But, as with drugs, it’s important to choose the right alcohol treatment program if you want the person to be able to stay sober.

New Mexico has the highest death rate from alcohol of any state in the union.

Call us now for advice on alcohol addiction help in New Mexico.

Is Prescription Drug Addiction Help Also Available?

Absolutely. And it’s also very much needed in New Mexico. One of the problems is that these drugs are available very cheaply in Mexico and without a prescription. The drugs are then brought across the border where drug dealers can make huge profits.

Also, there is shortage of medical personnel in New Mexico so there are a lot of drugs prescribed as a quick solution. Prescription painkillers, for example, are a huge problem. People suffering from short-term or chronic pain may have no access to any treatment other than drugs. And it’s easy to get addicted to OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet, Lortab, methadone and just about any prescription painkiller.  Addiction to Valium and Xanax is also common.

What About Club Drugs?

There are plenty of club drugs used in New Mexico. Parties are held in the forest lands near the cities, especially Albuquerque and Santa Fe. These parties are loaded with Ecstasy (MDMA), Ketamine, LSD and other drugs.

Whether you’re the addict or alcoholic, or a family member, it’s time to end your battle with alcohol and drugs.

Call us now at 855-889-0555

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment will change your life.

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