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Addiction Help in Nebraska

Do You Need Addiction Help in Nebraska?

Drugs might not be as big a problem in Nebraska as some other states, but alcohol certainly is and anyone who’s dealing with someone who is drinking too much or taking drugs knows that it can ruin your life pretty fast.

What Are the Biggest Reasons People Look For Addiction Help in Nebraska?

In most states, marijuana is the biggest problem. In Nebraska, that’s not the case – the biggest problem is alcohol.

Nebraska has the third lowest drug overdose mortality rate in the United States, however the bad news is alcohol is still the drug that kills Nebraska youth the most often. Twenty-four percent of Nebraska teens report having their first drink prior to age 13.

And Nebraska ranks ninth in the nation for teenage binge drinking.

30% of Nebraska high school youth have participated in binge drinking in the past 30 days, compared to 26% in USA.

The state ranks third nationally for teens driving after drinking.

And Nebraska ranks third in the number of teenagers reporting riding with a drinking driver.

According to SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration:

In Nebraska, about 8% of people aged 12 or older were dependent on or abused alcohol within the year prior to being surveyed. This is higher than the national average.

In Nebraska, about 8% reported heavy alcohol use within the month prior to being surveyed.

Almost 50% of Nebraskans who went for treatment were treated for both alcohol and drug abuse.

But 95% of those who needed treatment did not receive it.

Then there are Stimulants

Stimulants include methamphetamine, cocaine, amphetamines (like Adderall, a prescription drug given to people who have the symptoms known as ADHD), methylphenidate such as the prescription drugs Concerta and Ritalin – Ritalin is also known as ‘legal cocaine’ – and MDMA, better known as Ecstasy.

But Nebraska’s biggest problem is with methamphetamine.

According to DEA spokesman Rusty Payne, “Methamphetamine is the number one drug threat to rural America…Des Monies and Omaha have more Meth problems than Detroit or New York City.”

It is estimated that more than 20,000 Nebraskans use Meth, from all walks of life, that includes farmers and teens. 40% of Nebraska methamphetamine users are female.

In Omaha, of all the adult males arrested who were tested, almost 25% were positive for methamphetamine.

One law enforcement report blames 70% of crime in Nebraska on Meth.

Out of all fifty states for Meth seizures, Nebraska ranked number 11, according to the National Drug Agency.

People use any stimulant because the short-term effects make them feel alert and somewhat joyous. But that progresses to becoming anxious and irritable, as well as to several medical effects like an increase in temperature, heart rate and blood pressure, nausea, blurred vision, muscle spasms and confusion.

Stimulants can also narrow the veins and arteries, making the heart work harder to pump blood. In fact, it can pump so hard that it starts losing its natural rhythm.

When stimulants are used long term, the person taking them can get paranoid and aggressive. They also cease to think clearly and have hallucinations. Physically, stimulants suppress the appetite, so it’s not unusual for someone on stimulants to lose weight and become anorexic, and they can also develop severe dental problems.

It’s a big price to pay for temporarily feeling more alert or happy.

And they are highly addictive.

Does someone in your life have a problem with stimulants?

Methamphetamine addiction, cocaine addiction, addiction to prescription drugs like Adderall, Ritalin and Concerta, are very serious.

But they can be overcome.

We can help you find the Nebraska addiction help services you need.

What Other Drugs Are Common in Nebraska?

Marijuana is almost as big a problem as stimulants.

The next biggest problem is opiates. Opiates include heroin, and several prescription drugs, especially painkillers. OxyContin addiction, addiction to Vicodin, Percocet, methadone – all of them are problems. In fact, prescription drug addiction is a problem all over the U.S.

Also according to SAMHSA, in Nebraska, about 8.0% of all adolescents reported using illicit drugs within the month prior to being surveyed. These include heroin, cocaine, marijuana.

And 6% of Nebraska high school students have used legal prescription drugs to get high in the last year, drugs like Oxycontin, Vicodin, Percocet, Xanax.

Not all facilities that offer addiction help in Nebraska are experienced with helping people overcome prescription drug addiction. It takes special handling – the drugs are dangerous to stop taking suddenly, as any doctor will tell you.

But prescription drug overdoses and deaths are very common, so it’s important to get into a drug rehab program as soon as possible if you or someone you know is suffering from prescription drug addiction, dependency or abuse.

Does someone you know have a prescription drug problem?

Call us now at 855-889-0555

Whether your problem illegal drug addiction, prescription drug addiction or alcohol addiction or abuse, our experienced counselors understand what you’re going through.

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