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Are you in Massachusetts and coping with a problem with alcohol abuse or drug addiction? Is it ruining your life or the life of someone you care about?  Whether you’re the person with the problem or the problem is with a family member, it can cause constant frustration. And you never really know what’s going to happen next. Do you worry every day about them? About whether or not they’ll be okay?

At Addiction Help Services, we’ve helped thousands overcome alcohol abuse and drug addiction. Even prescription drug addiction can be overcome successfully if you get the right drug addiction treatment program.

Prescription Drug Rehab in Massachusetts

Many people become addicted to prescription drugs as a result of getting a prescription from their doctor after an illness, injury or surgery.

The drugs that Massachusetts addiction help centers deal with most frequently are oxycondone (OxyContin addiction is very common), methadone (another painkiller that is also used as a substitute for heroin) and Vicodin (also a painkiller.)

These aren’t the only prescription drugs that cause addiction – many others are dangerously addictive.

Can Massachusetts Addiction Help Facilities Help with Other Drugs?

Absolutely. Every kind of drug is in use in Massachusetts and there is a drug addiction treatment program for all types of problems.

Cocaine addiction is very prevalent in Massachusetts. In fact, 58% of the drug arrests in Massachusetts involve cocaine.

Heroin addiction is also common. Heroin is cheap, and it’s readily available. Heroin in itself is dangerous enough but another problem in Massachusetts is that you can never tell how pure the heroin will be. Sometimes it’s extremely high quality, and sometimes extremely low. If the quality is low, you not only have the effects of the heroin to worry about, you also have to worry about whatever they added to it. What is added to it could be deadly.

Marijuana is available everywhere in the state, and it can be very strong. It’s not just the laid-back easy-going drug some people make it out to be. And it can lead to taking other dangerous drugs.

Methamphetamine addiction, although a problem with those in their late ‘30s and early 40s, is mostly used by young people aged 18 through 25. Methamphetamine is especially dangerous – it has such a horrible effect on the body, destroying every organ, in such a short period of time that someone can be practically unrecognizable within a year or so of taking it.

Ecstasy and other club drugs are also a big problem. Ecstasy is widely available and is found on college campuses, at raves and in nightclubs.

Is Alcohol Abuse the Problem You’re Dealing With?

One in five people who get addiction help in Massachusetts are going primarily for alcohol abuse. As with everywhere else in the U.S., alcohol is still the biggest problem.

How Long Does Addiction Help Take?

There are a lot of alcohol and drug treatment programs that say they’ll get the person off drugs or alcohol in a month, or even less. And, while it’s true that someone will get off drugs or alcohol in that period of time, it’s not usually enough time to make sure they’re not going to just start drinking or taking drugs not too long after they complete the program and go back out into the world.

In reality, it usually takes between three to six months.

That might seem like a long time but, let’s face it, if it was easy, you wouldn’t be reading this, because there wouldn’t be a problem.

No one WANTS to be addicted to alcohol or drugs – if they could stop, they would.

Alcohol and drugs trap you physically, mentally and emotionally. And, of course, there’s a reason why the person got to the point of being addicted in the first place. That reason has to be found and thoroughly dealt with – so it no longer exists – for real, long-term success.

What Kinds of Drugs and Alcohol Problems Can Addiction Help in Massachusetts Deal With?

We can find you help no matter what the problem:

And so on. No matter what the problem, we can help.

Could I Be Addicted to Prescription Drugs Even if I Got them From my Doctor?

Absolutely. In fact, that’s pretty common.

For example, doctors give out painkillers after surgery, an illness or accident. When the patient tries to stop taking them, they can’t. Sometimes the pain comes back, or you get other pains, and think that means you still need to take the drug.

Often that’s not the case. The pain and discomfort you’re feeling is because you’re withdrawing from the drug.

Not all drug addiction treatment programs know how to work with people suffering from prescription drug addiction.

Getting off ‘meds’ can be medically dangerous – which is why doctors say not to stop taking them suddenly or without their guidance.

No matter what drug you’re having a problem with – OxyContin addiction, Xanax addiction, Clonopin addiction and methadone addiction, for example, are very common – we can help you get off them and stay off them.

At Addiction Help Services, we can make sure you get into the right drug addiction treatment program for whatever prescription drug you have a problem with.

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