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Having someone in the family with an alcohol or drug addiction problem can be very difficult.

Alcohol and drugs cause families to break down, set the families members against each other, and cause untold worry for parents, siblings, other relatives and friends.

Sometimes it can get so bad that it’s hard to think of anything else.

What Are the Drug Problems Most in Need of Addiction Help in Indiana?

Overall, the drug addiction problem in Indiana is worse than the other states on average. And it’s been that way for a few years.

There are more people using illegal drugs, even when you exclude marijuana, and there are more drug-induced deaths.

Indiana has the 17th highest drug overdose mortality rate in the United States, with 14.4 per 100,000 people suffering drug overdose fatalities, according to a new report, Prescription Drug Abuse: Strategies to Stop the Epidemic.

The number of drug overdose deaths – a majority of which are from prescription drugs – in Indiana quadrupled since 1999 when the rate was 3.2 per 100,000.

However, there is a growing concern as those addicted to prescription drugs turn to heroin as a cheaper and more easily available fix.

Overall, the heroin cases in Indiana increased by 294 percent between 2008 and 2013, from 354 cases to 1,396 in 2013, the most recent year that statistics are available for.

According to a recent government study, 81 percent of new heroin users started on prescription painkillers such as hydrocodone or oxycodone, and people who use those drugs are 19 times more likely to use heroin.

This trend has been visible across the state of Indiana.

Then there is the always troubling growth of methamphetamine users.

Prosecutors across the state say both heroin and methamphetamine are the most troubling drugs for their counties, but for different reasons.

Authorities say it may be easier to combat methamphetamine because there is more experience dealing with it, and a number of laws have already been enacted to help fight it. Among other things, the state has set up databases to track purchases of products used to manufacture methamphetamine.

Methamphetamine is one of Indiana’s biggest problems. In just two years, the number of meth lab seizures increased by 53%.  An astounding 1,231 meth labs were seized, more than there have been in 10 years.

This may sound like it means there is less methamphetamine around, but it really means that more and more is being made, so more and more is available.

The heroin war has just begun with law enforcement targeting those counties traversed by the Interstates, as these are how heroin gets in to Indiana.

Prescription drug addiction, abuse and dependency is also a serious problem in Indiana – just as it is in the rest of the country. Many people are suffering with OxyContin addiction, Xanax addiction, benzo addiction and addiction to tranquilizers and sedatives.

Can Indiana Addiction Help Services Help with Any Drug Problem?

There are hundreds of facilities that offer addiction help in Indiana. Some are good with some problems and not with others.

Some offer only short-term help – not really enough to get a good success rate.

Others are residential alcohol and drug rehab treatment programs that work with the person to get them fully rehabilitated so they can lead a normal and productive life – no drugs, no alcohol.

Another difference between facilities is that some aren’t experienced with prescription drug addiction – which is a major problem. OxyContin addiction, addiction to other painkillers, Xanax addiction and addiction to other benzodiazepines – these drugs aren’t easy to withdraw from. In fact, one of the reasons people have a hard time stopping them is that the withdrawal symptoms make them think they still need the drug.

But a good Indiana facility with experience in getting people off prescription drugs can still help – you just have to choose the right one.

What About Alcohol Problems in Indiana?

Alcohol is always a big problem. It is especially bad in states where the universities are ‘party schools’ like the University of Indiana, including the Bloomington campus. Last year, the University of Indiana was # 14 on the list of top 20 party schools. This year, University of Indiana Bloomington is #15 on that same list.

What is a party school? Although most college kids, and kids who are at the point of choosing a college, know this term, many parents may not be familiar with it.

Basically, a party school is a university or college that is known for its drinking culture. Binge drinking (drinking several drinks in the same session – sometimes enough to cause alcohol poisoning), heavy drinking, frequent drinking, that’s what a student can expect to find when they attend a high ranking party school.

If your son or daughter hasn’t gone to college or university yet, and they already drink, it’s a good idea to get them help before they start. Otherwise, the problem is bound to get even worse once they get to college.

Having a party school in the area doesn’t guarantee your friends and family members will drink a lot, but it does indicate that drinking is pretty acceptable in the surrounding community – so there is a lot of exposure, a lot of temptation.

What Drugs Make People Seek Addiction Help in Indiana?

For many of the states around Indiana, the biggest problem is alcohol abuse. Indiana’s alcohol problem is not as bad as some others, but about one in every 10 adults binge drink.

Binge drinkers might not drink every day, but when they do drink, they drink a lot. Binge drinking is defined as more than four drinks in one sitting, but many binge drinkers have way more than that.

It’s not unusual for a binge drinker to have 8 or 9 drinks over just a couple of hours.

Drinking that much alcohol can be very dangerous physically – it is, after all, poisonous – and can cause a lot of other problems.

Not only are people who drink that much dangerous on the road, their personalities can also change a lot – in fact, most domestic violence is associated with alcohol, as is getting into fights, doing risky things and having accidents, getting involved in sexual activity that you wouldn’t have done if you were sober, and even domestic violence.

And those are just the short-term problems. Long-term, we see a string of broken families, financial problems, job losses, and illness.

Does someone you care about have a problem with alcohol abuse?

 Addiction Help Services can help you find a successful alcohol rehab or other treatment facility.

Call us now at 855-889-0555

Most people who try to quit drinking on their own fail. It’s hard to stop drinking – it’s not just a matter of drying out, it’s also necessary to find out why the person is drinking in the first place, get down to the bottom of those problems and help them find solutions.

We’ve helped thousands of people overcome alcohol abuse – we can help you, too.

What Other Drugs Are Problems in Drug Rehab Facilities in Indiana?

Like every other state in the U.S., in Indiana there isn’t only one drug that is a problem.

But one of the biggest drug problems – the one that sends thousands of people to facilities that offer addiction help in Indiana –  is marijuana.

You wouldn’t think that marijuana would be such a problem – it’s seen as a light, non-addictive drug. But marijuana isn’t what it used to be. It’s much stronger, and is sometimes mixed with other drugs.

Also, you have to remember that a large part of addiction is not a physical problem – it’s a combination of physical, mental and emotional.

Next to marijuana, another big problem is with opiates – prescription painkillers like OxyContin, hydrocodone, methadone. Prescription drug addiction is rampant, with painkillers at the top of the list.

Cocaine also sends more than 1000 people for addiction help in Indiana.

Other prescription drug addiction is also common – especially with Xanax, Clonopin and other anti-anxiety drugs, tranquilizers and sedatives.

Are you trying to find help for someone you care about?

Do you need to change this situation in your life?

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Whether your problem is with alcohol abuse, drug addiction or prescription drug addiction, we can help you find the addiction help services you need.

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