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Addiction Help In Illinois

Addiction Help In Illinois

We know that coping with alcohol abuse or drug addiction can really wear you down.

We know – we’ve helped thousands of people overcome alcohol and drug addiction and change their lives.

Can Addiction Help in Illinois Really Fix Things?

If you go to a good alcohol or drug rehab facility, it will definitely make a difference.

There are hundreds of centers for addiction help in Illinois, but not all are equally good.

Some just dry the person out and then send them home, maybe with a little talk about how they would be better off not drinking or taking drugs. They say they won’t. They leave. Then they start all over again.

A good rehab center really takes the time to make sure that alcoholics or drug addicts have figured out why they’re doing it, and they work with them to help them work out what they’re going to have to do to resolve those problems.

Then they follow up to make sure everything is working for them, and if it’s not, they help them.

What Alcohol and Drug Problems are Most Common in Illinois?

Illinois has serious problems with drugs and alcohol. Thousands of people get treatment every year.

  • Nearly 11,000 people get addiction help for heroin. In most states, marijuana is the biggest problem. Not in Illinois.
  • Still nearly 10,000 get help just for marijuana.
  • Illinois addiction help centers see over 5,000 people with cocaine addiction problems.
  • Thousands also look for help with other opiates, including prescription drug addiction
  • And thousands need help for methamphetamines  as well as addiction to other stimulants.
  • Tranquilizers are also a big problem.

Deaths from drugs in Illinois are almost as high as those from traffic accidents. 1,239 died from drugs last year.

And people driving drunk isn’t the only thing you have to worry about – one in eight people who are driving at night on the weekend also test positive for illegal drugs.

One in three car or other motor vehicle fatalities involve people who test positive for drugs.

Does someone you care about have an alcohol or drug problem?

We can help you find the help you need.

Can Addiction Help Services Also Help with Prescription Drugs?

Absolutely. But not all facilities have a lot of experience with it, so it’s important to choose one that does.

Getting off prescription drugs can be even more difficult than street drugs or alcohol. And medically dangerous.

Illinois is taking steps to get rid of prescription drug addiction. They have many people suffering from OxyContin addiction, Vicodin addiction, addiction to Xanax, methadone, and many other dangerous prescription drugs.

Right now, the state monitors doctors’ offices and pharmacies for prescriptions for dangerous drugs. Reports are generated every week about transactions. This helps the state locate people who are taking these drugs because they’re addicted, as well as finding people who are getting prescriptions from multiple doctors so they can sell the drugs to others.

They are also working on setting up a way to dispose of prescription drugs safely.

But the prescription drug addiction epidemic is still raging in Illinois and around the country.

Do you have a problem with prescription drug addiction, abuse or dependency? Is it affecting someone in your family, or a friend?

Call us now at 855-889-0555

We’ll help you find a facility that is experienced with prescription drugs and can help you get off them safely.

If you call right now, you will start to change your life or that of someone you love.

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