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Addiction Help In Arkansas

You Can Get Successful Addiction Help In Arkansas

There are hundreds of facilities that offer addiction help in Arkansas. Some get long-term results, and some don’t.

If the facility you choose doesn’t get good results, the person you care about may end up back on drugs or alcohol very soon.

Not only does this mean the time and money you spent is wasted, it also makes that person less willing to get help in the future. They just figure that alcohol or drug addiction treatment doesn’t work. Or, at least, not for them.

When they think they can’t be helped, it’s much harder to convince them to try.

At Addiction Help Services, we know which facilities and treatment methods get good results.

We can advise you on the best program for your situation.

What Drugs are a Problem in Arkansas?

The majority of people who get addiction help in Arkansas have a problem with marijuana. It may not seem like marijuana is a serious drug. But marijuana now can be up to 5 times stronger than it used to be. It can also be laced with other drugs.

Methamphetamine addiction and addiction to other stimulants is the next biggest problem. Nearly as many people seek addiction help in Arkansas for methamphetamine as for heroin.

Heroin addiction is not as common, but addiction to other opiates is very high. These include prescription drugs – OxyContin addiction, Vicodin, hydrocodone and so on.

Cocaine is also a big problem. Cocaine addiction is extremely dangerous and people often go on cocaine binges that last for days. People on cocaine become extremely anxious and manic. They can’t sleep, and after days of taking cocaine about every 20 minutes, they have to take sedatives and tranquilizers to come down and be able to sleep.

These aren’t the only drugs that are a problem in Arkansas. People also use inhalants, PCP and other hallucinogens.

Addiction or abuse of any drug can be successfully addressed.

Getting Prescription Drug Addiction Help

Not all addiction help facilities are experienced with prescription drugs.

Even though prescription drug addiction is very common, it is a relatively new problem.

Prescription painkillers may be the problem, or people might be suffering from Xanax or Clonopin addiction, or addiction to other sedatives, tranquilizers, and anti-anxiety drugs.

Can I Get Alcohol Addiction Help in Arkansas?

Absolutely. There are hundreds of facilities that offer alcohol rehab. But it’s important to choose the right one.

Getting off alcohol isn’t as easy as it might seem to someone who is not an alcoholic. It can be painful, and medically dangerous.

Call us to find out which programs are right and safest for you or your loved one.

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