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Addiction Help for Prescription Drugs

Are you or someone you care about hooked on prescription drugs?

Did you start taking a drug with a doctor’s prescription and are having trouble quitting?

Do you feel so bad when you stop taking a prescription drug that you think you might still need it?

Do you suspect that your kids are experimenting with prescription drugs and may be in trouble?

If so, you may need prescription drug addiction help.

Prescription drug addiction can be even worse than addiction to street drugs.

Our experienced counselors can answer your questions and help you figure out what to do next.

Why Are So Many People Suffering from Prescription Drug Addiction?

Although people have been getting addicted to prescription drugs for years, it didn’t start becoming a huge epidemic until the release of OxyContin – which the manufacturers (Purdue Pharma) said was less addictive than Percocet, Percodan, and the other painkillers currently on the market and regularly prescribed. The company lied, and paid $634 million in fines when they were sued. But it was too late to stop the OxyContin addiction and it took the country by storm.

People who were taking OxyContin by prescription then found themselves addicted, and couldn’t get off the drug.

Because OxyContin became such a big money maker, drug pushers started to take advantage of the situation and started supplying OxyContin on the street.

‘Pain clinics’ also started opening up all over the place. Some are legitimate, but many are designed to simply keep filling prescriptions for painkillers – without doing anything else to actually treat the source of the pain. This also fueled more OxyContin addiction and addiction to other painkillers.

We’ve helped thousands overcome drug addiction. We can help you get the prescription drug addiction help you need.

Doctors Make More Money off Prescription Drug Addiction Than Treatment of a Patient’s Problem

The way things are set up with insurance companies, it is much more profitable for a doctor to simply give someone a prescription to try to relieve their symptoms. They could be ‘treating’ pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, stress – any number of conditions.

In fact, giving pills to treat symptoms became more the norm for medical treatment than actually finding the source of the problems patients were having and getting rid of them.

And doctors made just as much money spending 10 minutes with a patient and prescribing a pill as they did for spending an hour really examining a person, doing the proper testing and finding out what’s wrong.

Add to that the billions of dollars spend on marketing and advertising prescription drugs, and many people actually go to their doctor and tell them they would like the drug they saw on TV, and you have an entire country that sees taking prescription drugs as a solution to their problems.

If you think you have a problem with prescription drug addiction, you are not alone.  We can help you.

Kids and Prescription Drug Addiction and Abuse

Because they’re prescribed by doctors, and because their parents are using drugs as a solution to their problems, kids get the idea that the pills are safe and that they can feel good with them, too.

They take them from their parents’ medicine cabinets, share them with friends and try them out.

Next thing you know, they’re in trouble. They’re also addicted.

Don’t let your kids be harmed by prescription drug abuse.

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What Prescription Drugs Do People Need Addiction Help For?

Painkillers like OxyContin, hydrocodone, percocet and  percodan.

Benzodiazapenes like Valium and Xanax.

And many others.

No matter what prescription drug you’re having a problem with, our experienced counselors can advise you on the best next step.

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Don’t let prescription drug addiction ruin your life.