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Code of Ethics

1. Addiction Help Services does not make or receive any financial payment or remuneration for patient referrals. Further, Addiction Help Services does not support or refer to any other programs which engage in these practices.

2. We refer people only to those facilities of which we have personal knowledge. Our mission is to assist those seeking addiction help by giving freely of our advice and counsel to help find the best and most appropriate programs for themselves or their loved ones.

3. We do not work with companies or centers that we find violate our code of ethics. We work with companies who abide by our program standards and ethical values.

4. Directory sites we own are created with information available in the public domain and from our own personal knowledge. We will quickly remove a company name at the owner’s request. We will consider requests to add additional companies or listings only after we become familiar with the program and judge it to be in compliance with our program standards and ethical values.

5. If someone calls our counseling center by mistake, we will happily try to connect them with the center he or she intended to call.

6. We do not engage in negative marketing practices such as posting negative comments about our competitors in social media or review sites. Further, we do not take part in any misleading or deceptive marketing practices or participate as an advertiser on any websites that misrepresent their objectivity to users.

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8. We do not share personal contact information without permission. Any personal information that is given to Addiction Help Services will be held in strictest confidence and only given to a third party with the permission of the individual to whom it belongs.