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About Us

Our Mission: Guidance and Support

We founded Addiction Help Services (AHS) to provide uncommon guidance and support to those addicted to drugs and/or alcohol as well as to the families and loved ones of those addicted.

Our experienced addiction treatment referral specialists can assist you to become educated on addiction and what help is available for your situation.

Our staff are prepared to assist you or someone you love onto the road of recovery with hard-to-find knowledge and advice about various drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, as well as recovery support groups.

Additional Services Offered

Additionally, we can assist you in establishing an intervention for a loved one, finding appropriate treatment and gaining admission to these drug addiction treatment programs.

We can also assist you in identifying support groups and recovery groups in your area or nationwide.

How to Get Help

Call us toll free at (855) 889-0555 and one of our referral specialists will assist you in every way possible.

The information you provide is held in strict confidence and only shared with qualified alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs that will help you.